The Project

SnowDown is a memetic snowball fight using mobile phones. Look around a snowy world through your phone and roll virtual snowballs on the icy ground. Duel with your friend by throwing your phone! (But please don't let go and actually throw your phone. ) Look for where their snowballs are coming from and block your friend's incoming barrage, then strike them back and freeze them by pelting them with snowballs. They'll thaw out later.

The Music

Since this game is all about action and fun we wanted to have something upbeat and playful to go along with the snowball fights. Because you are playing a bear in the mountains of Asia, we came up with the idea to create a bear-like choir that could accompany the traditional Asian instruments for just the right vibe.

sound design

With SnowDown we encountered something that every sound designer will have to deal with at least once in his live: how do you make snow sounds when it's blazing hot outside? We ended up using corn starch and the contents of our freezers to create all the snowy sound effects of this game. Have a listen!