The Automatician

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The Project

The Automatician is a 3-Dimensional puzzle game with an emphasis on immersion. In The Automatician, players will explore a victorian mansion at their leisure, as well as design and craft Rube Goldberg Machines to solve puzzles and uncover secrets.

Sound Design

Rube Goldberg machines are large, overly complex machines that consist of a myriad of individual parts. These machine parts all work together and, in the game, can be combined in a multitude of ways. To give life to all of these individual parts we used sounds from many different sources, ranging from gardening tools to big and small machines, musical instruments, bowling pins and a rusty old metal spring.

The Music

The Automatician is quirky. You build hugely complicated contraptions in a magic-infused version of victorian England, in an old mansion that once belonged to the greatest Automatician of all times and is now inhabited by his living Puppets called 'Whodos'.  To support this we combined instruments that you would associate with the victorian era - such as a harpischord, plucked piano, as well as a chamber-sized string ensemble with Big Band sounds and influences. Through all of that we wove the sounds of the machines to make it feel playful and fun, which again drives home the theme of the game.