The Lightrunner


The Project

Lightrunner is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the oil crisis has gotten incredibly out of hand and thick dangerous smog fills the air in the obliterated city's of the Gulf states. The player is one of the few survivors who call themselves 'Lightrunners', depending on light as their main resource to survive and as a weapon against the horrible smog creatures called 'Symbiots'. 


The Music

The main feelings we wanted to express with the music were solitude and claustrophobia and since the player spends most of his time completely alone, we wanted to find a versatile solo instrument that could express these feelings while also being able to carry such an important and central role.

We found what we where looking for in a 5-stringed double bass. Its fantastically raw and deep sound worked perfectly, not only as the base for the dark and eery textures we used all over the score, but also to perform the more lyrical (while still dangerous) melodies and themes that we had written for the game.

Another 'instrument' you'll hear throughout the score is an old oil barrel that we bought from a local scrap yard, dragged into the studio and then hit with everything we could possibly find. If you listen closely you can hear it a lot in the drum and percussion parts of the soundtrack!

Sound design

Some of the more interesting sounds from Lightrunner are the Symbiot (smog zombie) voices and the light-powered gadgets the player uses to destroy them. The Symbiot sounds were made solely by using our own voices and playing around with effects, here is how they sound: 

The gadgets were made mostly by combining synthesis with our own recordings. Here's the vibroknife unfolding: