The Project

Reivor was developed by Triskelion games and we designed and produced all the audio and music. Reivor won 'Best Technical Achievement in a Student Game' at the Dutch Game Awards 2015!

Reivor Banner 910x512.png

Sound Design

The incredible indoor environments of Reivor have a really cool futuristic and almost clinical, hospital-like feel to them. If you've ever been to a hospital you'll know there's tons of bleeps, bloops and clean squeaky sounds. To recreate that vibe we recorded loads of random glitchy synthesisers and turned them into interface sounds. We used these sounds for tons of actions and objects, even opening and closing windows has some futuristic synthesis going on. 

The Music

The gameplay is accompanied by various music tracks, that increase in intensity the longer the game progresses. On top of that the sound of each track changes depending on which player is currently in control of the iPad. We aimed for a very clean electronic sound for the defender that also works really well with the clinical, futuristic surroundings and utilised a grittier and slightly more aggressive sounds on the side of the assailant to emphasize his intentions.