Empires OF Creation


The Project

Empires Of Creation is an upcoming Sci-Fi themed sandbox game, currently being developed by BOSS (Bundle of Sticks Studios). It features a huge, procedurally generated galaxy for the player explore and conquer. To do this, he must utilise strategic planning while managing his empire as well as master making quick decisions to defeat his opponents in intense fleet to fleet battles.

While you start out with a single ship, you quickly start to upgrade and expand and the game slowly turns from being a predominantly self-centred ordeal, to a risk factoring strategy game as you obtain your first colonizer and claim your first colony to begin an empire of your own.

The Music

Empires Of Creation's art style is very minimalistic and evokes a certain old school and retro feeling. We wanted to mirror this in the music so we chose to only use very basic synth sounds (largely just sine waves), that we then played through a huge reverb to give a sense of the grand scale of the galaxy the game is set in.This way, those simple sounds all blend together and sound almost like a little digital retro orchestra.


Sound Design

The sound design of Empires of Creation is also very minimalistic, with the UI sounds mimicking old-school computer sounds and all others being somewhat abstract and stylised. One thing we experimented with a lot was taking those very simple sounds and using short convolution reverbs to add some life to them and make it sound like they were coming from inside the players cockpit.