About Jonathan

Jonathan Howe was born and grew up in Münster, Germany. From an early age he loved playing around with music and sound. Then, when in school he learned about notation, wrote down a random melody anda friend could actually turn these little dots into music on her violin, his interest in composition was sparked.  He started following lessons in piano and bass, and learned about music production in an early version of Cubase (LE 4) that his father gave him.  He then joined various rock bands in his area to perform on stage.

Next to playing music live he also continued to work on producing his own music. Inspired by the soundtracks to 'Oldboy' and 'Bioshock' he looked into composing music for the media and, in 2012, started working on his first video game 'CLARC' while finishing high school. When 'CLARC' came out and won the german video games award for 'Best Mobile Game', this gave Jonathan the courage to pursue game audio as a career.
He then moved to the Netherlands to study MediaMusic at the ArtEZ conservatory in Enschede, where he met Leonhard and together they founded 'Ratchet Audio'. Additionally, Jonathan works together with 2WEI Music and writes music for advertisments from companies such as Porsche, Mini and others.