About Leonhard

Leonhard van Voorst  (15 May 1992) is a dutch video game composer and electronic artist. He was born in Utrecht (Netherlands) but soon after lived in Germany for a substantial part of his youth. After having tried several instruments he finally started to produce electronic music under his pseudonym Lokee. Wanting to pursue this career in a more serious way he started to study 'MediaMusic' at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede (Netherlands). Here he had his first breakthrough when he made an official remix for Caro Emerald's big hit 'Tangled Up'. After that he started working together with his friend and fellow student Bram Hendriks to form Shivelight, experimenting with organic textures and sounds and collaborating with songwriters from Africa.

In the meantime he also started to develop his skills as a composer and sound designer for film an games, a career he had wanted to pursue ever since he started making music. He worked on several projects with game design students and others from his university. One of these people was Jonathan Howe, and since their collaborations worked out so well they decided to form a company focused on game audio: Ratchet Audio.  Together they worked on multiple projects ranging from indie mobile games to assisting composers on their AAA titles. In the last year of his studies Leonhard was able to do an internship with hollywood composer Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) in Los Angeles where he made a small contribution to the movie Deadpool. After that he started working for Jesper Kyd as an assistant composer, collaborating with him on State Of Decay 2, MU Legend, Battlechasers: Nightwar and Robinson: The Journey.