The project

Icarus is a cinematic sci-fi short about a marine trying to find his platoon on a strange planet. This cinematic was created by Studio 13, a group of students from the NHTV IGAD. 

Sound design

Some highlights of the sound design are the alien and the armor of the marine. The former was created mainly by dragging an arrow over a old mattress. It created a fantastic screeching sound that would change in pitch, depending on how fast you dragged the arrow, enabling us to make it sound like a vocalization. The armor sound was created with several pitched layers of cutlery in a rag (to tone down the very high frequencies) and by tossing a toilet bag around in our studio. This made a nice clunky sound because of all the different toiletries it contained.

The music

The dark and gritty atmosphere of this incredible CGI short was a lot of fun to make music for. We had to be careful though, since it is basically a sci-fi horror short and having the music be too much in the foreground can have a terrible effect because it will take the attention/tension away. So we created some subtle, alien-like musical sounds by resampling creatures and other oddities as well as small chunks of Stravinsky's masterpiece: 'Sacre du Printemps'. We turned these chunks into playable instruments and combined those with the orchestral score.