What we do

We offer a complete audio solution for your project, so as long as it is related to audio, we'll take care of it. 

For each project we devise a completely original and interactive score. We love variety and doing something different each time is why we chose to do music for games, so we will happily realize any grand, ridiculous or fabulous ideas you might have.

Sitting in complete silence for an hour while we try to capture the queitest of sounds, chasing after wild horses or smacking dead fish against a fence are all things we do with great pleasure to find the perfect sounds for your assets.  

We cast, record, edit and mix any voices, screams or bone rattling roars you might want to have your players eardrums caressed with. We have a pool of talented voice actors at our disposal that is always eager to jump right into the action.

Although we are generally impressed by what programmers are capable of, we love get involved with the implementation of the sounds and music as much as possible, so we can test, tweak and optimize the way your game sounds. 


Not looking for the whole package? No worries, we are happy to provide you with any component of our audio solution.



Music, Sound Design, Implementation

Favorite Food: Everything breakfast
Favorite Games: Dishonored, Gothic II

Favorite OST: Bioshock
Currently Playing: Thumper, Inside, CS:GO

Jonathan always had a passion for music and sound, dating back to his early childhood when he was recording 2-tracks on his Fisher Price tape recorder. After wrapping up his first videogame soundtrack in 2013 (the award-winning 'CLARC'),  he started studying at the ArtEZ Conservatory in the Netherlands, where he met and joined forces with Leonhard. Since then he's been working as a freelance composer and sound designer on an array of video games, advertisments (together with ZWEI music) and short films.    



Music, Sound Design, Business

Favorite Food: Pasta all the way
Favorite Game: Anything TES

Favorite OST: DOOM (2016)!!!
Currently Playing: Hearthstone, Samorost 3

Leonhard is a composer for film and games who started off as an electronic musician. His first big breakthrough was when he made an official remix for Caro Emerald's big hit 'Tangled Up' under his pseudonym Lokee. In the meantime his love for games and film drove him to study MediaMusic at the ArtEZ Conservatory where he learned to make music and sound design for these media, eventually working for hollywood composers Tom Holkenborg and Nima Fakhrara. Currently he lives in Berlin, working on and off as an assistant to game composer Jesper Kyd.